the puntala episodes / the Turner 4X

The boys are going for a trip to italy next week so its time for building up my turner 4x again.
And there is a little story to it:

In late 2015 i bought a new ride from Piotr Syulzinski, the former Teammanager of the gravity group. Lucky circumstances led me to this bike and i instantly knew: This thing´s gonna be mine!
Piotr was kind to give me some information about the bike. David Turner himself built it for Sam Blenkinsop in 2007, but he prefered the big bike, so it wasn´t very much ridden. The Fox Fork and Damper were Prototypes. It is equiped with fsa gravity parts, a mavic / novatec wheelset with sapim spokes and a shimano ultegra roadbike drivetrain. 4x baby! His Teammate Philipp Polc had a similar bike and won some races with it. Since then it was part of Piotrs fleet.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the bike i will do a full rebuild. A few parts have to be replaced and few have to be fixed. My Father will help me repaint the fork and Michael Fischer, a friend of mine, will service and rebuild this fox talas rlc. Thanks a lot!

OK, let´s build! There is only one week left…

thx go out to miro and my father for helping me getting the fork fresh again…
And now of to puntala italy.